EMC School

EMC School is one of the nation’s leading providers of world language learning solutions. EMC is renowned for leveraging technology to open a whole new world of opportunities for language learners and educators. Enhancing acclaimed instructional content with today’s most engaging digital resources, EMC empowers students to build language skills through real-life communication, simulated cultural immersion experiences, performance-based tasks, and project-based learning.

Over the years, EMC has expanded its learning solutions into literature and language arts, economics, American government, personal finance, and computer literacy.

EMC’s success in the K-12 market is a direct result of EMC’s relationship with educators. The organization has a vast network of representatives throughout the nation, including content specialists who are “on the ground” every day, listening and reacting to the advisement of educators influencing how EMC’s learning solutions can make educators more effective and students better engaged.

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