Paradigm Education Solutions

Paradigm Education Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of print and digital learning solutions in computer technology, health careers, accounting, and business technology. Predominantly serving the postsecondary market, Paradigm is committed to providing educators with the solutions needed to build and deliver an integrated, comprehensive course that prepares students for career success.

Paradigm believes students learn most effectively through a combination of print and digital tools, so it pairs students’ textbooks and eBooks with exceptional digital resources that help students master core content and strengthen their skills. Unlike other courseware in the postsecondary market, Paradigm’s learning solutions develop students’ understanding of professionalism through tips, case studies, and activities grounded in real-world scenarios.

Committed to helping instructors be as efficient and effective as possible, Paradigm offers a wealth of instructor resources. Its digital platforms provide course-planning tools, analytics that lend valuable insight into students’ progress, and supplements to enhance courseware instruction.

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