Technology in the Classroom

As the digital world continues to evolve, especially in the category of education, there is a widely held belief that technology will become the preeminent tool for supporting the educational achievement of students. New Mountain Learning has a deep appreciation for technology, but believes something a bit different.

We believe that at the hub of the teaching environment is the actual educator. We believe technology is beneficial when it is used to its greatest advantage in conjunction with that educator’s program, individual style, and method of presentation. There’s an important and appropriate place for technology, but it needs to be used as an integrated vehicle among many assets, in tandem with all kinds of teaching tools. Books, lectures, whiteboards, examinations, practice by example, and good old classroom discussion.

New Mountain Learning is developing technology products that can certainly be considered contemporary, effective, and practical. But we never lose sight of the fact that our technology must provide a benefit in the class environment. It is imperative that technology maintains and leverages the integrity of that environment, not overshadow it.

What works well in one classroom or school may not necessarily work the same way in all environments and communities. One must be sensitive to the needs, desires, and changing demands of different schools and administrations that direct those schools. At New Mountain Learning we design our technology solutions to fit the need.

We believe that language fluency and computer literacy are critical skills for the 21st century. Language fluency has become a critical component for college readiness in an ever-growing global market, just as computer literacy has become a central ingredient for career readiness. Technical competency across all subject matter has become the mandatory requirement for almost any job in our advanced world.

New Mountain Learning understands and places technology in the context in which it belongs…by helping, supporting and integrating seamlessly into the holistic teaching process.