Our Strategy and Focus

New Mountain Learning places educators at the head of the class. We believe that instructor productivity is the primary force that elevates student performance.

In today’s changing environment, classroom size is increasing as budgets are decreasing. The recent interest and focus on increasing educator accountability is significant, if not overwhelming. It is a challenging time to be an educator. New Mountain Learning is dedicated to providing classroom management and supplemental tools that greatly support instruction, with the goal of improving student outcomes. The dynamic between educator and student – the precise spot where that partnership intersects – must flourish within every course for long-term success.

Our focus is on providing educators and administrators with rigorous and innovative learning solutions to make teaching simpler to manage through the everyday challenges. When classroom management becomes an easier task for educators, the actual teaching paradigm is significantly improved. New Mountain Learning’s focus is to design “personalized educator systems,” tailored and configured by the educator, who can adjust and use the system to meet his or her unique classroom requirements and teaching style.

Our printed materials and digital assets are renowned for being rigorous and demanding. Yes…we expect students to work and to work hard. To that end, our goal is to provide a system with a variable set of elements that allows each educator to tailor their approach to the demands in each classroom. The result: rigorous curriculum becomes a satisfying, energizing experience, not a tedious and frustrating one. Performance is celebrated by educators and students – a sincere and positive outcome for everyone.